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Actually Understanding Timezones in PostgreSQL

Postgres’s support for timezones is one of the best amongst relational databases, but what’s the difference between timestamp and timestamptz? This practical guide lays out the things you need to know.

Chris Clark #tutorial 

PostgreSQL 9.6 Beta 4 Released

This release contains previews of all of the features which will be available in the final release of version 9.6.

postgresql .​ org    #news 

2016-08-11 Security Update Release

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group has released an update to all supported versions, including 9.5.4, 9.4.9, 9.3.14, 9.2.18 and 9.1.23. It’s not as critical as other security releases but you’re still encouraged to upgrade when you can.

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RAM increased across all plans. Now get 2GB of RAM for only $10/mo.

Join the masses of users already optimizing their PostgreSQL queries on the quick, easy to use, and powerful Linode SSD servers. Get started with $20 of credit with the code POSTGRES20

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postgresql-cpp: A C++11 Port of Postgres

Postgres doesn’t generally get ported to other languages, so it’s interesting to see this attempt to port to C++’s C++11 standard. This community member highlights post indicated there may be benefits.

Joy Arulraj #code 

An Easy Way to Use a PostgreSQL Database (and Hstore) from Go

Hstore is an extension that provides key-value storage capabilities directly in Postgres. This library provides an easy way to use a Postgres database (and the Hstore feature) from Go.

Alexander F Rødseth #code 

Understand Full-Text Search with Postgres

Full-text search is powerful in Postgres, but not without a learning curve. This in-depth guide covers about everything you need to know to get up and running with it.

Piotr Lewandowski

migra: PostgreSQL Migrations Made Almost Painless

It’s like ‘diff’ but for PostgreSQL schemas.

Robert Lechte #code 

BDR 1.0 (Bi-Directional Replication for PostgreSQL)

BDR provides multi-master replication across Postgres 9.4 instances.

Craig Ringer #tools 

Using State Machines to Run Databases

While not directly about running Postgres, if you want a look at how a large as-a-service offering provides databases at scale this gives you a look. The key under the covers is a state machine, used by both Citus and Heroku Postgres.

Citus Data

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