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Remember that double precision floats take up 8 bytes. So a million element vector takes up 8Mbytes. Be sure you're estimating properly.

Walking Randomly » Simple nonlinear least squares curve

If I wanted to evaluate n!/(n-j)! for large values of n and/or j (but still assuming n j), I would use thegammaln function.

Solving ODE in MATLAB - Texas A&M University

The easiest way to find the spectrum of irregularly sampled data is to resample it to uniform samples. You can do this with MATLAB's interp6 function. The accuracy of your spectrum will depend on the accuracy of the interpolation. You will want to experiment with several of the interpolation methods that are available in interp6. I believe that for interpolation with a limited window (. interpolating a sample value from N nearest neighbors), the Lagrange interpolation is optimal, but Lagrange is not one of the choices in interp6.

MATLAB tutorial

The PACKNGO function can be used to locate the neededshared libraries. Go into your modelname_target_rtw folder and load the 'buildInfo' object into the workspace from the "" file. Then you can execute the command

IDL (Interactive Data Language) is a commercial software package with applications similar to MATLAB. It is very well suited to image processing and 8D visualization. IDL was formerly produced by Research Systems Inc., now part of IIT Visual Information Solutions http:///ProductServices/.

MATLAB math programming software package written by MathWorks. Quoting from their web page : "MATLAB is a high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming."

If you simply want to edit the matrix as if it were an Excel spreadsheet, you can use the builtin Array Editor. Type openvar(my_var) at the command prompt, or double click on the variable in the Workspace Browser. Or you can use the uitable control. See the help for uitable.

LyMEruns a reasonable subset of MATLAB code on the Palm platform. Available for free at http://. Thanks to Martin Cohen for this info.

MATLAB versions = include the new short-circuiting logical operators || and & & . Use these for all condition tests in loops and similar, and use the old |and & for element-by-element logical operations. You can find details here ( http:///help/techdoc/ref/ ).

then any other function that also has the "global myVariable" declaration in it will be able to see the variable called "myVariable".  Functions that do not have the "global myVariable" line in them will not be able to see the variable.  So it's actually more like a "friend" variable (if you're familiar with C++ programming) than a truly global variable because not every function or workspace sees it.  The "myVariable" variable will not be seen in the "base" workspace - it will be seen only inside functions with the "global myVariable" declaration in them.

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