IRC Client: Irssi On Atomic Host

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If you are a terminal geek you will always want to do things using terminal:wink:. And when it comes to Atomic host, YES you will have to do stuffs using terminal.

If you don’t know about Atomic, you must visit

This post will describe how to setup and use IRC client on Atomic host. This will be applicable for any Cloud host also.

Irssi is a terminal based IRC client for Unix/Linux systems. And the best part is we will not need to setup things manually because we have containers.

Let’s Get Stared:

I am using Fedora Atomic host here. Get Fedora atomic host from here

Make Sure you have Docker installed.

Copy the Dockerfile from here:

Now run docker build -t username/irssi . This will build image.

There after you just need to run the container docker run -it username/irssi .

Later on sometime you will be able to do the whole set up only docker run -it fedora/irssi once Fedora adds Irssi to its Docker hub :).

After you start the container you will see something like this:

Let’s join a channel

You will find the Irssi Commands here: Irssi Commands .


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