Great Video on Continuous Integration With Jenkins & Sauce Labs

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  • "If you don't get CI right, you won't get the other stuff right" - 8:30
  • "Code Cafe" - Helps communication between people on the team.
  • Live demo of the Sauce Labs platform at 17:00
  • Measure your pipeline and improve it over time. After a year of doing CI you can say we started with this many bugs in production and now we have this.
  • "Continuous Documentation" - It's there if you want it and it's a tremendous tool. 
  • 28:00 - "Continuous Integration is definitely a Game changer"
  • What is the Next step after CI? Interesting question.
  • Awesome Meme: 31:45
  • Jenkins Pipeline: Gherkin - Taking Unit Tests to the Next Level
  • Just run "Java jar jenkins.war" to get started with jenkins


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