[Three.js + Node.js]Server-side Cannon.js Physics

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Here to See The Original Article!!!

I have absolutely nothing to do with the following code, I just thought I wanted to share it, and I was slightly unsure as to which section this was best suited.


it.s 1.6GB with models, sounds etc.


I haven't been able to load the hosted game, though, so I guess something is down.

I just wanted to share it, as it seems to implement an authoritative model, with physics and hit detection done on the server. And I'm pretty sure this is something quite a few users are looking for, based on threads on the forums.

The server uses three.js too, but that's only for some basic vertex manipulation for the cannon heightfield I guess.

I have trouble installling canvas on node, as a Lot of people seem to have, so I haven't tested it yet.


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