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  • AUTOMATION TESTING Tutorial: Process, Planning & Tools
  • Regression Testing - Tutorials Point
  • Why Test Automation? | Benefits of Automated Testing

The Open System Interconnection (OSI) model defines a networking framework to implement protocols in seven layers. Use this handy guide to compare. Read More

AUTOMATION TESTING Tutorial: Process, Planning & Tools

Solution: Try to automate the tests alongside development so that when development is complete, you can run the automated tests against the new functionality.

Regression Testing - Tutorials Point

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Why Test Automation? | Benefits of Automated Testing

Smoke Testing: A quick-and-dirty test that the major functions of a piece of software work. Originated in the hardware testing practice of turning on a new piece of hardware for the first time and considering it a success if it does not catch on fire.

Regression testing plays a crucial role in the complete testing process. It is a type of testing that re-tests the already working parts of an application after each release. Regressiontesting has to be done after any improvement or when new functionality is implemented or when bug fixing is done in an application.

You can consider regression testing as similar to moonwalk or backslide, a dance technique (popularized by Michael Jackson) that gives the illusion of the dancer being pulled backwards while attempting to walk forward. Well, many will not agree withthis analogy but what the heck! Let 8767 s have some fun!

Ranorex allows you to automate yourdesktop applications (among other things) and both record user interactions and play them back to execute yourtests. Ranorex is one of the more popular commercial tools to build and run automated GUI and webtests.

Baseline: The point at which some deliverable produced during the software engineering process is put under formal change control.

It means,

A guy has killed an insect (issue or bug ) and thrownaway from door ( software product ) then 8 more insects ( bugs ) are in to the house ( software product )

Automated checks are a great way of confirming that the application still functions properly after changes made to it. It is possible that when a new feature is added to an application or a bug is fixed, it impacts the functionality of the working software, . a regression bug is introduced.

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