Go Newsletter Issue #114

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goque: Persistent Stacks and Queues Backed by LevelDB  code 

Provides stack (LIFO), queue (FIFO) and priority queue structures, all stored in Go’s LevelDB port so they can scale beyond available memory.

Conner Hewitt

Go Code Usage Examples in Your Editor, As You Type  tools 

An interesting new tool that you can install in Sublime Text or Vim that lets you get live-updating usage examples from GitHub for the code you’re currently editing.

Matthew Sprague

Managing Syscall Overhead with crypto/rand  tutorial 

Examining techniques to bypass the overhead of generating random numbers in a Go program.

Scott Mansfield

What’s the easiest way to speed up your Python server? By handling the requests with Go. See how Andrey Petrov did it (by using C in the middle). Read More.

Heroku   sponsored 

go-dexec: Like Go's 'os/exec' Package but for Docker  code 

Run processes, but inside Docker containers. The docs boast you can “off-load computationally expensive parts of your program to a remote fleet of Docker engines.” There’s also an introductory blog post.

Ahmet Alp Balkan

gron: Like Cron Jobs, but within Go  code 

Define time-based tasks using a simple Go API and Gron’s scheduler will run them accordingly.

Roy Lee

Service Autodiscovery in Go with Sleuth  tutorial 

This tutorial outlines how to author microservices in Go that can discover each other as peers on a LAN without the need for an external service.

A Darian


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