 A cross-browser object property observer using ES6 proxy with a fallback on dirty-checking

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A cross-browser object property observer uses ES6 proxy underneath and with fallback on dirty-checking.


npm i xobject-observe -S

Browser (for non compatible npm environment)

Include dist/observe.browser.js into your page and use xObjectObserve() function.


  • Uses ES6 proxy and fallback on dirty-checking for old browsers
  • Extensible and configurable detection backends
  • Complete life-cycle management ( observe() and observe.stop() )
  • Automated cross-browser support through SauceLabs (IE 10+, Chrome 33+, Firefox 33+, Safari 5+)
  • 100% code coverage
  • Available build for non-commonjs environment


const observe = require('xobject-observe');

// create an empty object and observe it
const obj = observe({}, (property, oldValue, newValue, obj) => {
  console.log('%s (%s -> %s)', property, oldValue, newValue);

obj.a = 1; // log: "a (undefined -> 1)" (adding)
obj.a = 2;// log: "a (1 -> 2)" (changing)
obj.b = {c:1}; // log: "b (undefined -> {c:1})" (removing)

observe.stop(obj); // stop observing

Currently supported detection backends

  • es6proxy : ( fastest way in JS ) leverage ES6 Proxy to detect changes made on an object. No need to configure anything.
  • dirtyChecking : ( slow but works everywhere ) regulary check if properties of the observed object between the last check (shallow object clone) and now. The comparison is done through a strict equality thus changes on nested objects are not supported. The check interval (in ms) is configurable through observe.config.DIRTYCHECK_DELAY = 1000 .

Other backends can easily be setted at runtime as new attributes in observe.methods .

How does it differ from Object.observe?

Object.observe is obsolete. It was deprecated in Chrome 49 and was entirely removed in Chrome 52. xobject-observe offers a cross-browser alternative to it with a slightly easier API.

xobject-observe leverage instead the ES6 Proxy object API underneath for modern browsers and fallback on dirty-checking.



  • IE9 support
  • IE8 support
  • (bonus) Opera support


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