The LN(lamer news) style social news site written in Node/Express/Redis/jQuery

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I have run a site jsernews using lamernews source code for a long time.

I've plan to hack on jsernews with Node.js/Express/Redis/jQuery in my free time for a long time too.

The goal is to have a implementation of the Lamer News style news website written using Node.js, Express, Redis and jQuery.

This project was created in order to run - but it is just experimental right now.

Getting Started

jsernews is a Node/Express/Redis/jQuery application. You need to install Redis and Node.js 7.x+ with the following node packages:

  • express
  • ioredis
  • smtp-protocol
  • underscore
  • and so on...
# Get the latest snapshot
git clone

# Change directory
cd jsernews

# Install NPM dependencies
npm install

# Then simply start it
npm start

Please note that Node.js 7.6 was the first version of Node to support asynchronous functions without requiring a flag. You need to use the --harmony flag if your Node.js version is between 7.0 to 7.5 (inclusive).


npm test




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