Running the RTC Extensions Workshop With RTC 6.0.1

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RTC version 6.0.1 is available since end of December 2015. I ran a test to find out if the Rational Team Concert Extensions Workshop still works with RTC 6.0.1. This is what I found.

The version 6.0.1 does not ship Tomcat any more. The Rational Team Concert Extensions Workshop explains how to debug deployed extensions on a Tomcat test server. How does this change the workshop?

Important note: Debugging on Tomcat is only presented as an option, it can be useful if an extension has been fully developed on Jetty, but shows a different behavior on a real environment. Using this technique to develop an extension step by step is not a suggested procedure, instead using Jetty is the preferred way. From this perspective, Section 1.5 in the lab is unimportant for the rest of the workshop and this step could actually be skipped.


By installing the default values and basically choosing WAS Liberty Profile the workshop works. Basically Tomcat is replaced with WAS Liberty Profile and everything should work as expected. Due to the changes over time, some small adjustments are needed or useful. these adjustments can be found below.

Install and Setup Changes

Here some changes that make the workshop more effective. They are described in the workshop in several notes, here a more explicit description.

Section 1.1 Download and Unzip the Required Files from

The easiest way to do the Rational Team Concert Extensions Workshop I have found is not to use the Web installer, but to use the ZIP version of RTC.This requires sone minor changes to the sections 1.1. and 1.2 as described below.

You can use the Web Installer, as well as the IBM Installation Manager. If using the Web Installer the changes for 6.0.1 begin in Section 1.3 Setup the RTC Tomcat Server. If using the Installation manager, make sure to install into the folder as described in the workshop.

1.1__1.Download the product installation files.

In step _b : As alternative, download the ZIP version of RTC named “Jazz Team Server and the CCM Application, and Trial licenses for Rational Team Concert”.

Follow the rest of the steps of 1.1_1 and 1.1_2 as described.

If you want to follow the steps from the Rational Team Concert Extensions Workshop and use the web installer, or a the IBM Installation Manager install, make sure to install

1.1__3.Install the RTC Eclipse client and a test server.

In step _b : To install the zip version of RTC, extract the zip file you downloaded for “Jazz Team Server and the CCM Application, and Trial licenses for Rational Team Concert” to the folder:


Continue with step _h Unzip the Client for Eclipse IDE zip file

Section 1.3 Setup the RTC Tomcat Server

Instead of Tomcat WAS Liberty Profile is used, but all steps work as described.

1.1.__14_b. Open And Review the WorkshopSetup.bat file

The windows version of this file has sometimes problems with some Java versions, because the parameter order is kind of skewed. During development of the tool, this never came up. It will be fixed in a newer version.

Move the parameter -jar in front of the parameter WorkshopSetup.jar

Instead of

the batch file should look like this:

Follow the other suggestions to consider and change the file if needed and perform the rest of the steps as described.

When running the WorkshopSetup command I have very seldom seen errors, one I have seen today was maybe because of the server performance. If this happens, try running the  WorkshopSetup again.

Section 1.4 Complete Setup of Your RTC Eclipse Client

For an unknown reason, the project was not initialized. Right click the project in the Team Artifacts view and click initialize to finish the project setup, if this happens.

Section 1.5 Test connecting the Eclipse debugger to Tomcat

If the changes to the server.startup.bat in section 1.3 where successfully performed, this section works the same way with the server deployed on WAS Liberty Profile.

Section 1.6 Test the Jetty Based Server Launch

The software needs more memory. In step


change the memory available for the [RTCExt] Create RTC Test Database launch. The original setting is -Xmx256 . With this setting I got a memory error in the JUnit test that creates the development time repository database.

Change the memory setting to -Xmx512 as shown below.

Section1.7 Test the RTC Eclipse Client Launch

In step 1.7.__31.__b.__ii.

The Launch shows a missing bundle.

This missing bundle does however not prevent you from running the launch and as far as I can tell at this point in time, the workshop is still working. You can remove the missing bundle as well.

The rest of the workshop should work as desired.


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