ModernGL: Improving The OpenGL Bindings For Python

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ModernGL: Improving The OpenGL Bindings For Python

Written by Michael Larabel inStandards on 14 August 2016 at 08:21 AM EDT.Add A Comment

For those looking to make use of OpenGL from Python, the ModernGL project aims to provide better GL bindings for the language.

ModernGL developers argue that the status quo for OpenGL in Python results in "applications with high latency" while ModernGL aims to be a new set of bindings to simplify the creation of graphics applications. ModernGL aims to fit the needs of not only those wanting to toy with OpenGL games in Python but also scientific simulations and more.

Written on the project's GitHub page , "ModernGL is easy to learn and use, moreover it is capable of rendering with the same performance and quality, with less code written."

The examples page shows off some code for making use of these bindings. Python 3.4~3.6 is supported and OpenGL 3.0~4.5.

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