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If you’re in for a career change and are a big fan of fixing computers when they break, you might just want to consider getting your CompTIA A+ certification. Of course, you’ll need plenty of resources to study for this exam to over all of your bases. Why not start with the CompTIA and Windows Server Administration bundle over onTalk Android Deals?

Here’s just a small look at what you’re getting in this education bundle:

  • Access prep materials for both the CompTIA A+ 220-901 & 220-902 certification exams
  • Understand PC hardware, including motherboards, processors, memory & more
  • Study expansion cards, display devices, peripherals & custom configurations
  • Master networking, networking hardware & Internet Protocol
  • Learn how to install & configure operating systems
  • Discover operating tools, preventive maintenance, security, virtualization & more

In this bundle, you’re getting plenty of training materials for a couple of different certifications. One of those is the CompTIA A+ exam and the other is the CompTIA Network+ exam. There’s a bunch of learning material for a few Microsoft Windows Server Administration exams as well.

Normally this whole bundle is priced at a whopping $1695, but you can grab it from us at a 96% discount, getting everything for a meager $65.

Anyone picking up this bundle?

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