Some Thoughts on VPS v.s. Dedicated Server

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In lastconversion withQuickHostUK, we talked about moving to dedicated server if the site is having a large traffic. The VPS network bandwidth is shared and the Dedicated you get your own network port on the switch. You can also monitor your port from your panel.

However I am not quite convinced to move todedicated server because the following (I may be wrong)

  1. for VPS, you don’t need to worry about harddisk failure while for dedicated server, when harddisk breaks, it will become very painful.
  2. for VPS, I can easily upgrade , for example, I may upgrade to 12 cores/16GB (more flexible) than the fixed specs for dedicated server.

so, I guess that the major benefit for dedicated server is performance, but i think it may invoke a bit more server maintenance work…

Reply fromQuickHostUK:

On the backend there are manySSD disks in RAID-10 which should protect against failure. Now on this RAID-10 array your server has a chunk of space. But your server itself could still suffer a disk failure for many reasons such as file corruption that may prevent it from booting for example.

For this reason we recommend using our R1Soft Continual Data Protection backups. This would allow 1 file or 1 folder or whole OS be restored if needed. Also you can choose hardware raid on ourDedicated Servers.

For the rest of the points yes VPS is much easier to upgrade and more flexible.


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