Pig Out to Hadoop (Replay) [Restore Your Faith in Webinars]

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Here to See The Original Article!!!

Pig Out to Hadoop with Alan Gates (Link to the webinar page at Hortonworks. Scroll down for this webinar. You have to register/login to view.)

From the description:

Pig has added some exciting new features in 0.10, including a boolean type, UDFs in JRuby, load and store functions for JSON, bloom filters, and performance improvements. Join Alan Gates, Hortonworks co-founder and long-time contributor to the Apache Pig and HCatalog projects, to discuss these new features, as well as talk about work the project is planning to do in the near future. In particular, we will cover how Pig can take advantage of changes in Hadoop 0.23.

I should have been watching more closely for this webinar recording to get posted.

Not only is it a great webinar on Pig, but it will restore your faith in webinars as a means of content delivery.

I have suffered through several lately where introductions took more time than actual technical content of the webinar.

Hard to know until you have already registered and spent time expecting substantive content.

Is there a public tally board for webinars on search, semantics, big data, etc.?


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