Cisco: Introducing FlashStack 5000-user VDI deployment with Cisco and Pure Storage

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Digital business transformation is driving renewed interest in desktop and app virtualization as a mean to provide secure application and desktop delivery to a mobile, distributed and fluctuating workforce. Keeping the desktops and apps securely centralized in the data center provides many benefits. It eases the headache associated with managing thousands of desktops, keeps your intellectual property protected and provides the deployment flexibility needed to keep up with the ever faster pace of business.

Desktop and app virtualization has evolved a lot in recent years. If you’ve tried it in the past and had a bad experience – slow, cumbersome, poor user adoption – you should give it another look. A lot has changed in the underlying infrastructure, allowing an on pare, if not better, experience as with physical desktops. Storage has evolved tremendously and Flash arrays have been a game changer. Similarly, the advent of virtual GPU support by Citrix and VMware, the leading desktop and app virtualization platforms, has improved user experience enormously. It even opened up new use cases such as 3D graphic workstations replacement, helping industries like automotive, manufacturing, architecture and design benefit from desktop and app virtualization.

At the core of a great desktop and app virtualization solution you need a solid foundation that is easy to manage and allows for growth. This is where Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS) shines. What is unique about UCS is that it was designed from the ground up for virtualization. It integrates compute, storage, networking, virtualization, and management into a single platform through a fabric Interconnect which delivers consistent networking across physical, virtual and cloud environments. It offers several form factors delivered as one system.

Read the entire article here, Introducing FlashStack 5000-user VDI deployment with Cisco and Pure Storage

via the fine folks at Cisco Systems.

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