Apache Pig 0.10.1 Released

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We are pleased to announce that Apache Pig 0.10.1 was recently released. This is primarily a maintenance release focused on stability and bug fixes. In fact, Pig 0.10.1 includes 42 new JIRA fixes since the Pig 0.10.0 release.

Some of the notable changes include:

  • Source code-only distribution

In the download section for Pig 10.0.1, you will now find a source-only tarball (pig-0.10.1-src.tar.gz) alongside the traditional full tarball, rpm and deb distributions.

  • Better support for Apache Hadoop 0.23.x/2.x

Starting with Pig 0.10.1, the Pig team will now publish Maven artifacts for Hadoop 0.23.x/2.x ( PIG-2907 ). Note that if you are using Hadoop 0.23.x/2.x, you will need to get different Pig Maven artifacts than from Hadoop 0.20.x/1.x. Here is the information to retrieve the Pig Maven artifacts for Hadoop 0.23.x/2.x:


In addition, the Pig team fixed a number of bugs specific to Hadoop 0.23.x/2.x (including PIG-3035 , PIG-2783 , PIG-2761 , PIG-2912 , and PIG-2791 ).

  • Better support for Oracle JDK 7

All unit tests for Pig 0.10.1 now pass with Oracle JDK7 ( PIG-2908 ).

  •  End-to-End (e2e) tests and unit tests fixes

We continue to improve Pig e2e testing. With the latest enhancements, we are able to significantly reduce runtime for Pig e2e tests ( PIG-2711 ). We are trying hard to make e2e tests pass on all platforms ( PIG-2859 , PIG-2783 , PIG-2745 ).

We have also included some fixes for unit tests ( PIG-2908 , PIG-2650 , PIG-3099 , PIG-2960 ) to make sure unit tests pass on all currently supported platforms.

  • Other fixes

There are a number of other important bug fixes in the core Pig code, UDF and documentation. Details can be found in this document .

Special thanks for the Apache Pig community for doing all of this great work to make these improvements happen!

~ Daniel Dai


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