Web Excursions for March 11, 2015

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Here to See The Original Article!!!

Looks like this turned out to be a “developer” edition…

“A multi-pass, streaming template engine implemented in Cocoa, for use in Cocoa.” Apparently Todd Ditechendorf built a great templating engine for Cocoa (iOS and OS X) a year ago and I missed it…
Nozbe is coming to the  Watch
I assume many of the productivity apps will be going for this. Nozbe is a great one, especially for collaborative project management, so I’m excited to see what they do.
Enable Clang Modules, Disable Auto Linking
I think I learn something new every time Daniel Jalkut writes (or speaks ).
“a jQuery plugin to create a fullscreen modal with CSS3 transitions.” These are slick.
Dug.js — A JSONP to HTML Script — Rog.ie
Handy JavaScript for displaying JSONP feeds on a web page using mustache-style templating.


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