What’s New in Hue 2.3

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We’re very happy to announce the 2.3 release of Hue, the open source Web UI  that makes Apache Hadoop easier to use.

Hue 2.3 comes only two months after 2.2 but contains more than 100 improvements and fixes. In particular, two new apps were added (including an Apache Pig editor) and the query editors are now easier to use.

Here’s a video demoing the major changes:

Here’s the new features list:

  • Pig Editor: new application for editing and running Apache Pig scripts with UDFs and parameters
  • Table Browser: new application for managing Apache Hive databases, viewing table schemas and sample of content
  • Apache Oozie Bundles are now supported
  • SQL highlighting and auto-completion for Hive/Impala apps
  • Multi-query and highlight/run a portion of a query
  • Job Designer was totally restyled and now supports all Oozie actions
  • Oracle databases (11.2 and later) are now supported

We would like to thank everybody who worked on this release. New features and feedback are continuously being integrated!

Enrico Berti is a Software Engineer working on the Platform team.