Citrix: Getting to a Multi-Cloud Application Delivery Architecture

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With our recent successes demonstrating NetScaler CPX to developer audiences at DockerCon in Seattle and StackWorld in San Francisco, Citrix is getting ready for LinuxCon in Toronto on August 22.Stop by the Citrix booth for demos of NetScaler CPX and NetScaler MAS and more. And be sure to catch the keynote on “New Requirements for Application Delivery in a Microservices Application World” from Abhishek Chauhan, Delivery Networks VP and CTO.

The number of attendees and the level of excitement at these shows demonstrate that one of the biggest disruptions in the IT world is happening now. This is the shift to microservices application architectures and the transformation of the server architecture to Linux containers.

Microservices applications are made up of many independent processes that are loosely linked together. New features can be added to an application by installing a new microservice and making it a part of the application infrastructure.

These containerized microservices are managed by a new set of tools such as Docker, Mesos and Kubernetes. These technologies enable organizations to quickly build cloud-native applications and run them at scale, accelerating the rate of cloud adoption.

Read the entire article here, Getting to a Multi-Cloud Application Delivery Architecture

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