Android Studio 2.2 to feature test recording, new layout designer and more

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Google has detailed some of the changes coming toAndroid Studio with its 2.2 release. Android Studio, which is used in the creation of 92% of the top 125 Android apps, will be faster at building apps, and will give developers new tools to make going from an idea to a working app easier.

There are a number of new features coming with Android Studio 2.2. Test recording will allow you to test your app locally or in a cloud test lab, and get an automatically-generated test report. There's a new layout designer, which automatically adds restraints when designing your UI. The designer will also help you design for multiple layouts and screen sizes.

Amongst the other tools coming to Android Studio are the new layout inspectork, expanded Android code analysis, and enhanced C++ support. It will also feature support for newAndroid N features.

You can tune into the Android Central liveblog of Google's keynote for more from I/O 2016.


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