What happened to Save-AzureRmProfile?

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I’ve been working a lot in the Azure PowerShell area of late. One thing I wanted to be able to do is have my scripts login automatically to Azure. In many examples the cmdlet Save-AzureRmProfile was used to save your Azure credentials, then later you could use Import-AzureRmProfile to import them.

But, when I attempted to run Save-AzureRmProfile I got the error ‘Save-AzureRmProfile is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program’.  Huh? I checked the docs, and it does include a listing for Save-AzureRmProfile.


This is a case of the PowerShell AzureRM module getting ahead of the docs. After beating my head against the wall, I found the cmdlets had been replaced with the new noun of AzureRmContext.

To use them, first login to Azure manually. Then, use the new Save-AzureRmContext to save your information to a file.

# Setup – First login manually per previous section Add-AzureRmAccount # Now save your context locally (Force will overwrite if there)

$path = " C:\Azure\PS\ProfileContext.ctx’

Save-AzureRmContext -Path $path


Once that’s done, from then on you can use the Import-AzureRmContext to automate the login.

# Once the above two steps are done, you can simply import

$path =C:\Azure\PS\ProfileContext.ctx’

Import-AzureRmContext -Path


Be warned, this does present a security issue. If someone were to steal your context file, they could then login as you. You need to be sure your context file is stored in a safe location no one can get to.


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