F# Weekly #34, 2016

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Welcome to F# Weekly,

A roundup of F# content from this past week:

I've been working on tools for open data-driven articles. Follow @thegamma_net and see #Olympics medals demo: https://t.co/BI04tGNhUw #ddj

— Tomas Petricek (@tomaspetricek) August 9, 2016


Are you using or learning F#? Join us at https://t.co/b0SSZiIFh5 and get involved with the Community on Slack! #fsharp

— fsharp.org (@fsharporg) August 15, 2016


Exciting news! The Book of F# is available in the Joy of Coding Humble Bundle! Grab yours today! https://t.co/Efx5WhZtjH

— Dave Fancher (@davefancher) August 17, 2016


F# vNext

Open source projects

Fable has a new Twitter account! Follow it for cool news about web, mobile and desktop development with #fsharp .

— Fable (@FableCompiler) August 17, 2016

Want to know more about how to write #elmlang like apps in #fsharp with @FableCompiler , samples for virtualdom: https://t.co/p2Xh8pbwui

— Tomas Jansson (@TomasJansson) August 20, 2016

New Releases

New release of Ionide #fsharp for @code … including new F# compiler error messages, and performance improvements. pic.twitter.com/ibClBnYpKD

— Ionide (@IonideProject) August 14, 2016

That’s all for now. Have a great week.

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