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bySandy Stachowiak

May 3, 2016

For music lovers, often times finding those hidden gems is the way to go. From new tunes to up-and-coming artists, Hive – Music Discovery is a great app for finding something fresh.

Hive - Music Discovery

Hive App LLC

Search and discover

Finding new music with Hive is super simple. Start by selecting the popularity range and entering a search term like rock, pop, or reggae. The app will then provide you with a ton of results to check out.

Swipe to keep or discard

Each tune will play for 30 seconds so that you can hear a sample of it. Swipe right to keep the song or left to discard it. The ones that you keep will not only be placed into a playlist for you, but will also be shared with others within the app who have similar tastes.

Listen to a full playlist

Once you have decided to keep songs, you can pop over to your playlist to hear them all. Each tune will play in its entirety and you can swipe to delete any that you no longer want to keep. If you connect your SoundCloud account, you can also add songs to it from Hive.

Get Hive - Music Discovery

Hive – Music Discovery is an attractive and intuitive app that makes finding new music a breeze. If you decide to enable your location, you can also find out about concerts in your area, which is really handy. So, if you love checking out new songs and artists, then take a look at Hive.

Hive – Music Discovery is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is available for free without in-app purchases on the App Store.

Get ready to rock, the app is available for free:


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