SonarQube, Apache Pig, RavenDB, Spring, Play! and more updates + 45% savings!

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This week at the following books have been updated + 45% off with code ml091313jn at

Practical Data Science with R by Nina Zumel and John Mountis.
Chapter 5, "Choosing and Evaluating Models"

Some business problems you might face as a data scientists are increasing look-to-buy ratios, identifying fraudulent transactions, or predicting and managing the losses of a loan portfolio. There are many different statistical modeling methods that can be used to solve any given problem and each method will have its advantages and disadvantages. Chapter 5 presents an outline of the most common machine learning and statistical methods used in data science. You’ll learn how to choose modeling methods, how to evaluate model quality, and what overfit models are and how to avoid them.
What’s next?
Chapter 6, “Using Memorization Methods”

RavenDB in Action by Itamar Syn-Hershko.
Chapter 3 has been updated.

Based on feedback on chapter 3, we have added diagrams and cleared up confusing sections. We have also rewritten the summary section. Please be sure to stop by the Author Online forum with any comments or questions you have about chapter 3 updates and the rest of the book. We look forward to hearing from you!
What’s next?
Chapter 5, “Document-oriented Data Modeling”

Pig in Action by M. Tim Jones.
Chapter 6, "Pig's Relational Operators"

The workhorses of Pig are its relational operators which allow you to construct pipelines of data manipulation. Chapter 6 provides you with an introduction to Pig's relational operators and covers iterating, sorting, and filtering operators as well as grouping, splitting, and joining operators.
What's next?
Chapter 7, "Extending Pig with User-Defined Functions".

Play for Java by Nicolas Leroux and Sietse de Kaper.
Chapter 10, "Security"
With the addition of chapter 10, the manuscript is now complete. This chapter takes a look at Play 2 security concepts so you can understand what it means from a developer's point of view to secure your application. It reviews the different types of attacks you might encounter and the tools Play 2 provides to secure your application. It also covers adding basic authentication with filters and fine grained authentication with action composition.
What's next?
The book is headed to production.

SonarQube in Action by G. Ann Campbell and Patroklos P. Papapetrou.

SonarQube in Action is nearing the finish line! The book is now in production where it will get a final polishing before it's published. The authors are continuing to make improvements to the book so there is still time for you to post any suggestions in the Author Online forum. Your feedback continues to makes a difference.
What's next?
The final eBook followed by the printed book and mobile versions will be ready in just a few more weeks.

Spring in Action, Fourth Edition by Craig Walls.
Chapter 20, “Managing Spring Beans with JMX”

With JMX, you can open a window into the inner workings of your application. Chapter 21 shows you how to configure Spring to automatically export Spring beans as JMX MBeans so that their details can be viewed and manipulated through JMX-ready management tools. It also shows how to create and use remote MBeans for times when those MBeans and tools are distant from each other, and finally, it tells you how to use Spring to publish and listen for JMX notifications.
What’s next?
Chapter 5, “Building web applications with Spring MVC”

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