Turbonomic Customer Success with Aspirus

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Turbonomic customer, Asprius Wausau Hospital shares how Turbonomic has helped them make smarter hardware purchasing decisions and has freed up more of their time to do infrastructure design. Jesse Kozikowski shares his initial reservations with automating Turbonomic’s actions, but overtime has come to trust them and spends less time on break-fix IT.

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The trend in healthcare today is preventative medicine, making sure that people don’t get sick in the first place. It’s sort of exactly what we’re doing in our virtual infrastructure with VMTurbo (Turbonomic).

My name is Jesse. I work here at hospital. I’ve got six hospitals, sixty clinics. We’ve got two primary data centers. Today we’re all VMware Vsphere 5.1. We have talked about dabbling with Hyper V for certain workloads, and what’s really nice about VMTurbo (Turbonomic) operations manager is that it’s hypervisor agnostic. It doesn’t matter if it’s VMware, Zen server, Hyper V. It’s sort of a set it and forget it type of product.

You put the appliance in, you let it run, discover your environment, set some controls, and it just goes. So I think if there’s anything that appeals to me, it’s the lack of noise. It just very quickly shows me what’s wrong, makes some recommendations. I’m not having to drill into a lot of details to figure out where a problem lies and what to do about it.

Historically, we’ve over-provisioned our hardware, and you can take a look at that from all this data in VMTurbo (Turbonomic) and see that. What we’re able to do now is make much more realistic purchasing decisions for new blades going forward. We can go to our PMO and say “These are the applications coming down in the next fiscal year. Here are all the requirements for these servers,” and we can chart that out in VMTurbo (Turbonomic).

We can say, “I need to add five of these servers. Here’s the configuration. Ten of these. Here’s that configuration.” Hit the wrong button and see how many servers I’m going to have to add to the environment. And in some cases, it may recommend that I turn some off, and that’s okay too.

Like most customers I’m sure, I was hesitant to do automated remediation of problems VMTurbo (Turbonomic) discovered, but after continually clicking yes, I want to choose this remediation step, yes, I want to choose this one, I realized it was making the right recommendations. I was going to go ahead and trust it, and so I trust it for one cluster at a time, and then my most critical clusters, and realize yes, it’s making all the right decisions, I’m just going to let it do it for me.

When I can let VMTurbo (Turbonomic) make decisions for me and automate those actions, it’s just a part of my job I just don’t have to deal with anymore. I don’t have to worry about the workload bouncing anymore. If I’m doing automated storage migrations of VMs, I don’t have to worry about my data storage filling up anymore. I can spend time designing, implementing, moving forward with other projects and less time on break-fix.

I do get to spend a lot more time with infrastructure design now. More strategic activities, and they’re more thoughtful decisions now, because I have better planning tools. With VMTurbo (Turbonomic) keeping an eye on my virtual infrastructure, I don’t have to worry nearly as much about it.

As a new father, my baby girl Jordan, it’s helpful to be able to let these problems address themselves. I can spend more time at home with her. It is awesome, but I don’t want to – yeah, did you get that? It’s awesome.

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