VMblog's Expert Interviews: SIOS Talks VMworld 2016 Plans and SIOS IQ

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Ahead of the coming VMworld 2016 event, I had a chance to speak with Jerry Melnick, president and CEO of SIOS Technology, to find out what the company had planned for the show and to learn more about their SIOS IQ solution.

VMblog:  Is SIOS going to be sponsoring the upcoming VMworld event?  If so, can you tell us more about what you have planned and how people can find you?

Jerry Melnick:  Yes, SIOS is an exhibitor at VMworld 2016.  We will be showing an industry first combination of leading edge technologies that couples our machine learning solution, SIOS iQ, with the latest in Augmented Reality (AR) user interfaces in booth #2361 live.  SIOS iQ is designed to be the first stop for answers to VMware infrastructure questions helping boost IT productivity and lowering infrastructure costs while meeting demanding performance objectives of critical application services.

The demonstration will showcase a completely new way of understanding, interacting with, and optimizing your virtual infrastructure using the latest high definition Augmented Reality (AR) HoloLens optical hardware from Microsoft.

Our CTO Sergey Razin, PhD, will co-present at VMworld with SQL Sentry in a session titled: VIRT7699 - Use Cases in Performance Root Cause Resolution for SQL Server: How to Use vRealize Operations Manager, SIOS iQ Machine Learning Analytics, and SQL Sentry Performance Advisor.  The session will take place on Thursday, September 1 at 10:30 am - 11:30.  Stop by and view the demo and enter to win a pair of Samsung virtual reality glasses for use with your Samsung Galaxy phone.

VMblog:  What are you guys showcasing at the show?  What can an attendee expect to find by coming to your booth ?

Melnick:  We'll be demonstrating SIOS iQ software, an advanced machine learning IT analytics solution used to optimize application environments in VMware for performance and efficiency. It applies a patented big data and machine learning technology approach to the problem of IT operations analysis. This approach provides a comprehensive view of the entire infrastructure in a single easy-to-use graphical presentation and to instantaneously identify issues and automatically recommend solutions. It acquires a broad set of data in real-time to understand the behavior of interrelated objects - CPU, storage, network, applications - across the infrastructure. Unlike limited, one-dimensional data provided by traditional threshold-based monitoring and analytics tools, SIOS iQ is able to identify subtle and hard-to-define anomalies, automatically recommend specific steps for resolution, and model and forecast outcomes of changes to the environment.

VMware attendees will have the unique opportunity to personally experience the power of SIOS iQ machine learning using Augmented Reality wearable hardware and "see" how these two leading edge technologies can help them improve productivity in managing VMware infrastructures.

The live demonstration will show how SIOS iQ analytics instantaneously identifies opportunities to save money by resizing under- and over-provisioned VMs, eliminating snapshot sprawl, and finding rogue VMDKs that are unnecessarily consuming resources.  Also with this capability, SIOS will demonstrate the first ROI calculator that uses data derived through machine learning analytics in the customer's actual running environment to accurately show the precise amount of money that can be saved on hardware and operational expenses.

Other advances featured at VMworld include the new integration of SIOS iQ with SQL Sentry Performance Advisor , bridging a critical gap between IT infrastructure administrators and SQL Server administrators. For the first time, IT staff can instantaneously identify and resolve the root causes of performance issues based on a comprehensive analysis of both the VMware infrastructure and the SQL Server application environment.

VMblog:  What do you hope to achieve at VMworld this year?

Melnick:  SIOS will demonstrate the significant advances being made in IT staff productivity and the cost savings to be achieved through the novel application of machine learning analytics to optimize and protect business critical applications in VMware environments.

VMblog:  Your CTO, Sergey Razin, will speak about use cases in performance root cause resolution for SQL Server.  Can you tell me about this session and what attendees will learn?

Melnick:  Sure. SQL Server is a widely used database for critical applications in the VMware environment.  Companies need to ensure that their SQL Server applications meet stringent service level requirements for performance, efficiency, and availability. Dr. Razin will introduce how machine learning can be used to instantaneously identify and resolve application performance issues in SQL Server applications. The presentation will describe how SIOS has integrated SIOS iQ machine learning with SQL Sentry Performance Advisor and VMwarevRealize Operations Manager, to quickly and accurately find and fix performance issues in VMware virtualization environments.

VMblog:  How do existing approaches to identifying root causes of performance problems fall short and how does SIOS iQ improve on this approach?

Melnick:  Legacy approaches to performance root cause analysis employ overly simplistic thresholding techniques and focus on reporting events associated with a single resource and single measurement, (e.g., CPU utilization exceeding a threshold) to identify a problem. In large virtualization environments these manual, error-prone approaches have limited meaning since they don't account for the complex interactions between resources that drive most abnormal behavior. They inundate IT staff with alerts about issues without guidance for prioritizing, interpreting or correcting them. Complex or subtle performance issues often go unnoticed amid the background noise.

SIOS iQ uses advanced machine learning analytics to obtain a deep understanding of the complex interactions and interrelated patterns of behavior of objects (CPU, storage, network, applications) in VMware environments to automatically uncover abnormal performance behavior and instantaneously identify the root cause of the performance issue. This eliminates the noise of alert storms and false positives. SIOS iQ is the only IT analytics software that automatically provides specific, actionable recommendations for resolving performance issues.

VMblog:  Other new features in SIOS iQ are intended to improve resource efficiency.  What changes have occurred in VMware environments that make this important?

Melnick:  VMware environments have grown exponentially in both size and complexity - making the process of right-sizing VMs and identifying wasted resources while maintaining application performance and reliability difficult. Finding and eliminating snapshot waste, under/oversized VMs, rogue VMDKs, and idle VMs can save thousands of dollars and make budgeting and planning more predictable.

SIOS iQ is the only solution that applies machine learning to accurately and easily identify underused virtual machines and show the potential cost savings that may result from deleting them. It instantaneously identifies undersized/oversized virtual machines and identifies unnecessary and unused snapshots easily. It also provides clear calculations of the savings that can be achieved by implementing its recommendation.


Once again, thanks to Jerry Melnick, president and CEO of SIOS Technology, for taking time out to speak with VMblog.com.  Good luck at VMworld! 

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