Hive User-Defined Functions

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When you start using Hive you may miss some of the functions you are used to from Oracle, MySQL or elsewhere. Or you might just want a profanity filter. Whatever the case you can browse our list below for a large selection of UDF libraries. You can also use the pointers listed to write your own .

The Brickhouse Collection of UDFs from Klout includes functions for collapsing multiple rows into one, generating top K lists, a distributed cache, bloom counters, JSON functions, and HBase tools.

Facebook UDF Collection (HIVE- 1545 ) including functions for unescape, find in an array, and finding a max in a set of columns.

There's also a number of smaller UDF collections for various purposes to add to Hive:

Roll Your Own

If you want to add your own Hive UDF , it's best to read the guide from Apache Hive and follow this helpful Hive UDF Workshop .  Here is a nicetutorial.  

If you want to write something a bit different from Hive UDF for your functions.

There's also a database independent hybrid procedural SQL language supported on Hive in Hive 2.0 .  This works with Hadoop, NoSQL database and SQL databases like MySQL and is mostly compatible with Oracle PL/SQL.   This looks pretty interesting.

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